I was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1966, and moved to Helena, Montana later that same year. I grew up in Helena, and then attended college in Butte, Montana, graduating in 1988 with a B.Sc. degree in Geophysical Engineering.

That same year I started working in Houston, Texas with a geophysical contracting company in the oil business. In 1992 I was able to travel outside the States to work in England for about 4 months, and then traveled briefly to France and Switzerland. I was hooked - I'd caught the travel bug, and I've essentially been on the go ever since.

In 1994 I switched companies and started a job with a unique schedule - one perfectly suited for my travels... working on geophysical research vessels. I would helicopter out to the vessel, work for 5 straight weeks - 12 hours/day, 35 straight days - and then fly back to land, where I'd have the next 5 weeks as vacation. I tried to take advantage of the schedule, spending only a few days at home before taking off somewhere to enjoy my 5 weeks of freedom.

In 1998 I took a job within the same company, and with the same 5-on-5-off schedule, and became a co-manager of a small geophysical data processing center in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia. I continued to travel during my 5 weeks 'off'.

In 2000 I took a 6-month leave of absence to do an extended trip through Mexico, Central America, and Cuba, before heading to our office in Perth, Australia to work.

 In early 2001 I decided that geophysics was no longer for me (or did I realize that in 1988?!?), and so quit the business and decided to travel...and travel.

The first 5 months were spent traveling around Australia, before spending a month back in the States. Next, it was a 1-1/2 year trip - a brief month in Europe, followed by spending the rest of the adventure in Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, and SE Asia. I then headed back to the States for 4 months before embarking on yet another 1-1/2 year trip - this one also in SE Asia, and then China, with the majority (10-1/2 months) spent in Tibet.

I next decided it was time to earn some money, but I wasn't ready to quit traveling, so I took a job with Intrepid Travel, an Australian-based travel company. For the 2005 and 2006 seasons I was a tour leader leading trips in China and Tibet. It was great to be able to go back to Tibet fairly frequently and get caught up with friends there, and to share with others some of the wonders of Tibet.

And on the never-say-never front, in 2007 I decided to become a contractor in the geophysical industry, primarily working as a client representative on seismic vessels. I guess after 6 years of being out of the industry it was time to try it again, but with the knowledge that the job would provide me with the time and money to continue doing what I love to do.....travel!

This website includes some of my travelogues and pictures from the places I've been fortunate enough to have visited. I hope you enjoy the site half as much as I enjoyed the original adventures.