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Paper Artist Uses Toothpicks to Fold Impossibly Small Origami

Anja Markiewicz's 'nano-origami' sits easily on the tip of your finger

The Acceleration on Tesla’s New Roadster is Wow

Hearing about the specs is one thing. Seeing the actual acceleration is another

Video of Thanksgiving Traffic on LA Freeway Will Give You All Kinds of Anxiety

50.9 million Americans are expected to travel over this year’s Thanksgiving holiday and 99% of them might be on this LA Freeway

Sound Effects Editor Goes to Infinity and Beyond on Random Rifle Inspection Video

That Windows error sound really brought back some memories

All Above the Sky

Original artwork by Erik Johansson. First photographed at Lake Vänern, Sweden and then edited in Photoshop

Bottled Memories of Childhood Landscapes Using Double Exposure Photography

Christoffer Relander's "Jarred and Displaced" series features double exposure photos shot in-camera

10 Obscure Movie Details You Probably Missed or Never Knew

From Kevin's plane ticket to the hidden camera in The Matrix

Viral Archer Lars Andersen is Back and Curving Arrows Around People

Obligatory, please do not try this at home

Cameraman Loses Mind LIVE as Bus Perfectly Blocks Building’s Implosion

This is absolutely perfect

The Specs for Tesla’s New Roadster are Bananas

0-60 in 1.9 secs, 1/4 mile in 8.8 secs, 620 mile range on single charge