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Welcome to my genealogy pages - exhibiting in one place all the information which was gathered by family members before me. I'm hoping to build upon that information base - filling in missing data, as well as eventually gathering and posting photos such that there are faces to go with the names. Hopefully inside you'll discover some interesting historical facts about the Voegele's, Graves', Arnst's, and McMahill's - among others.

If you see incorrect information please let me know - either via the 'Contact Me' link at the top of most pages, or by clicking on, and subsequently filling in the information on, a 'suggest' tab when it's available.

I'd also be interested in any photos, histories, stories, sources, and other information that you believe may belong on this site.

The best way to get started is to click on 'Pedigree Chart' above. Once inside the actual site you can always return to that starting point by clicking on 'pedigree chart' at the top of most pages. You can change from the 'standard' view of the pedigree to other forms - 'compact', 'box', 'text', or 'ahnentafel'.

You'll also be able to quickly generate certain reports - birthdays this month, individuals who lived more than 90 years, etc.; search for individuals; view historical accounts; and eventually view photos and headstones, though those are decidedly lacking at this early stage.

In short, feel free to click buttons or links and see where they take you.

I hope you find something useful on your 'stroll' through history.....Brett

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